What is the Alibaba Cloud MVP program?

In this blog post, we are going to describe in detail what the Alibaba Cloud MVP program is.


MVP is short for Most Valuable Professional. According to Alibaba Cloud website, the MVP program is an award for cloud industry leaders who have been devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies.


In order to become Alibaba Cloud MVP, you can apply by yourself under the Alibaba Cloud website or you can get nominated by Alibaba Cloud employees or other MVPs. The decision will come after evaluating every applicant under some criteria we’ll explain in this article.

The MVP awards are quarterly based, and announced at the end of the quarter.

Life cycle

The MVP award lasts one year from the date it is awarded. In this period, MVPs receive related benefits according to the MVP tier they are.

After the award expires, the MVP award can be renewed based on your contributions. When your activity points have reached the threshold, you can extend your MVP certification for another year.

MVP Tiers

alibaba cloud mvp tiers

There are 4 MVP tiers in total: Primary, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

To upgrade from one tier to the next one, you need to submit contributions. If these contributions are approved by the Alibaba Cloud team, you will get activity points.

The Primary tier is the starting point. Everybody awarded with the Alibaba Cloud MVP starts at the Primary tier.

After obtaining 50 activity points you will be upgraded to Gold tier. If you continue contributing and earning activity points, you will be upgraded to Platinum tier when reaching 100, and finally to Diamond tier after passing the barrier of the 150 points.


The benefits increases considerably the more updated your MVP tier is.

At the Primary tier, you will be immediately entitled to the following benefits:

  1. MVP gift package, including MVP certificates and souvenirs
  2. Technical sessions with Alibaba Cloud Experts
  3. Exclusive MVP training about the latest Alibaba Cloud technologies
  4. Invitation to the Global MVP Annual Summit
  5. International exposure distributing your content in the social networks
  6. Nomination to [email protected] Cloud
  7. Exclusive support services including orders and technical tickets

The Gold tier includes all benefits of the Primary tier and the following:

  1. Alibaba Cloud Lab credits
  2. General speaking opportunities
  3. Free access to ACP certification exam
  4. Visit to Alibaba headquarters
  5. Featured interview

The Platinum tier includes all mentioned previously and additional:

  1. Free access to ACE certification exam
  2. Speaking opportunities at the Computing Conference
  3. Free tickets to the Computing Conference

Lastly, the Diamond tier includes:

  1. Global technology tour
  2. Meet with high-level executives from Alibaba Cloud
  3. VIP ticket to the Computing Conference


If you are serious about applying be sure to be familiar with their products and services. Having experience with other cloud providers will help, as many of the underlying concepts are similar. So, if you love to share and contribute knowledge to the community, be in the frontier of the technology industry and prove to be proactive and collaborative you’ll fit the profile to become the next MVP.

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