Tencent Cloud

As a Tencent Cloud Consulting Partner, we help organisations define and realise their public cloud ambitions.

What can we do offer?

Business case and strategy development, emphasizing cultural change and the organizational shifts needed, at every stage of the journey, to realize the promise of cloud

Migration assessment and planning, secure Landing zone architecture design and build, and migration execution

Achieve success and business growth on your cloud journey

Breathe life into legacy applications with cloud native, serverless tech; special focus on Kubernetes

Enable your team or entire enterprise to learn by doing and adopt the cloud

Tencent Cloud Landing Zone

Tencent Cloud Landing Zone

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation and innovation with our Tencent Cloud Landing Zone. 

The following statement describes exactly what the solution does: “We focus on your infrastructure while you can focus on your product”.
Tencent Cloud Landing Zone is a complete set of solutions to quickly set up your infrastructure with a production ready account.

Complete Guide to Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud provides industry-leading cloud services covering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and is a one-stop service provider for enterprises seeking to adopt public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud.  

Complete Guide to Tencent Cloud

Let’s discuss how we can help with your Tencent Cloud journey

Why Roopu Cloud

Experience – Working with Tencent Cloud since 2019

Expertise – Multiple cloud migrations to the Tencent Cloud platform done 

Cloud Leadership – We’re a leading partner for the Tencent Cloud platform

Team – Globally recognized experts on Tencent Cloud

Cloud-Native – Experienced building applications with Kubernetes

Support – You get the support needed to boost agility and maximise value

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Tencent Cloud Serverless ecosystem

Tencent Cloud Serverless Ecosystem

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Roopu Cloud and Tencent Cloud partners partnership

Roopu Cloud partners with Tencent Cloud

Today we want to announce our official partnership with Tencent Cloud in Europe. Partnering with Tencent Cloud is a big step forward for us, a key milestone as a company, and a great deal for our customers, as it gives them lots of benefits.  Tencent Cloud is growing business operations outside of Asia, and its

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Complete Guide to Tencent Cloud

Complete Guide to Tencent Cloud

This blog provides general information to help you understand and get started using Tencent Cloud services. Introduction People are now technologically so advanced and innovative, new groundbreaking ideas have brought visible changes in every sector, and lifestyle is getting smarter in every single minute. However, behind all these innovative ideas and surprises there are many

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