Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer Certification

Follow this comprehensive preparation guide for Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification exam and get yourself ready to pass the exam.

Note: The exam is not yet publicly available in the International portal. Tencent Cloud announced that the certifications will be available internationally during 2022 Q3-Q4.

Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification

The Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification, commonly known as TCA Developer certification, is the associate-level Tencent Cloud Developer Certification. Through this certifications, you can effectively verify whether you have the ability to refactor and migrate traditional applications to the cloud, as well as the ability to design and develop cloud native applications and distributed micro-services based on Tencent Cloud.

Who Can Apply for Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification?

This certification exam is not for Tencent Cloud absolute beginners, fundamental knowledge about the Tencent Cloud products is required. We recommend to start first with the TC Cloud Practitioner certification before starting with the TCA Developer certification, since it provides an overview of all Tencent Cloud core products.

Overview of the Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification

While starting your preparation for the TCA Developer certification, one needs to have an overview of the exam. The exam consists of 80 questions with a total mark of 100 and you will get 90 minutes to complete the exam. In order to pass the exam, you will have to score at least 70 points. You will have to pay 1200 yuan to sit in the exam. The table below gives basic information about the Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification exam.

TCA Developer Certification Exam Information
Certification NameTencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer Certification
Test TypeOnline Registration
Exam Duration90 Minutes
Number of Questions80
Exam Fee$150
Exam TypeClose-book Exam
Exam LanguageEnglish
Validation2 years

In the TCA Developer certification, the questions are placed in the following sequence and marks are fixed for each question:

  • 60 Questions – Single Selection Type: The candidate will get 1 point for every right question
  • 20 Questions: Multiple Selections Type: The candidate will get 2 points for every right question

The exam blueprint for the Tencent Cloud Associate consists of a number of products with their percentage content in the examination. Here is the blueprint for Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer certification:

TCA Developer Certification Exam Blueprint
Product Name% of Exam
Cloud Development Foundation10%
Migrate Local Applications To The Cloud20%
Cloud-Native Application Design And Development25%
Distributed Micro-Service Design And Development25%
Mini-Program Cloud And Artificial Intelligence Application Development10%


So, we’ve covered the preparation guide for Tencent Cloud Associate (TCA) Developer exam. Tencent Cloud associate certification is not only for those who are working on Tencent Cloud. You can also take Tencent Cloud associate certification if you are already working on AWS, GCP, Alibaba or Azure as a cloud computing specialist.

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