Alibaba Cloud Foundations

Roopu’s Alibaba Cloud Foundations is a turnkey solution enabling companies to unlock the value of cloud through an automated platform purpose-built for Alibaba Cloud.

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To build, you need strong foundations

Utilising native Alibaba Cloud products and services Roopu’s Foundation solution introduces customers to quickly set their platform up and running with Alibaba Cloud in no time and reliably build upon.

Cloud-Native DevOps Compass

Our Alibaba Cloud Foundations helps your team understand the different levels of your business’ structure and delivery capabilities, effectively becoming a compass to guide you creating a broad strategy for modernizing development and deployment practices.

Roopu Cloud Training

Compute, Secure & Deploy

During your cloud journey, it is important to ensure that security is automated and an integral part of each stage of your development lifecycle. Roopu works closely with our customers to build a framework and fit-for-purpose foundations for the secure release of your infrastructure and product.

3… 2… 1… We Have Ignition

Start your Alibaba Cloud journey with us thanks to our comprehensive model for helping companies become modern, technologically progressive and ever-evolving organizations.

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