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Let us guide you through your Alibaba Cloud journey.

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Roopu Cloud Courses


As an Alibaba Cloud Training Partner we offer courses that sets you on track to pass the official Alibaba Cloud certifications. Our trainers not only have excellent training skills, but also the corresponding real-world Alibaba Cloud experience.


We specialise in Alibaba Cloud and will help you architect the best solution by choosing the most suitable set of products for your business needs, including single and multilayered approaches.

Roopu Cloud Consulting
Alibaba Cloud Foundations

Alibaba Cloud Foundations

We offer enterprise-level acceleration on account creation to quickly set you up and running with Alibaba Cloud in no time, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and win in the marketplace.

China Gateway & ICP License

We can walk with you on your journey to China. We provide a full set of customized solutions that helps when approaching the most common issues when entering China.

China gateway ICP license
Alibaba Cloud MVP

Become Alibaba Cloud MVP

We will walk you through the process of becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP and help you with easy and effective steps. After all, we are MVP ourselves and know the road.

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