Chinese ICP (Internet Content Provider)


Chinese ICP (Internet Content Provider)


Course Description

This course covers all you need to know about the Chinese ICP (Internet Content Provider). When finishing this course, you will be able to answer following questions: What is an ICP, why do I need an ICP, how to apply for an ICP, which types of ICPs there are, what are the requirements, and so on.

Here is course outline divided in 15 sections:

  1. What is an ICP?
  2. What are the ICP types?
  3. Why do I require an ICP?
  4. Can I avoid getting an ICP?
  5. Who can apply for an ICP?
  6. Who issues an ICP?
  7. Cost of obtaining an ICP?
  8. What is the validity period of an ICP?
  9. Where should I place ICP’s number?
  10. What are the requirements to apply for an ICP?
  11. Which ISP or CSP to choose?
  12. What is the application process?
  13. Can an ICP number be revoked?
  14. FAQs
  15. Contact


ICP stands for Internet Content Provider.

An ICP license in China is a registration number that allows a website to operate on a Chinese hosting server.

You can check it at the website footer.

The ICP licenses for China are issues by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

There are two different certification categories, “ICP Filing” and “ICP Commercial License”.

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