International Olympic Committee (IOC) migrated core services to Alibaba Cloud

International Olympic Committee not only decided but migrated their core IT services and systems to Alibaba Cloud not only that but the Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) were also included as part of this plan and involved in the execution. This is one of the most evolutional efforts towards digitalization as the system they have migrated on Alibaba Cloud is the most critical and will serve as a backbone for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

This pandemic really has changed a lot of things including perspective towards cloud computing and the unlimited technological services it can provide with much better security, efficiency, durability, and availability that On-Premise infrastructures cannot. In addition to this, the cloud also played a huge role when the pandemic hit this planet and forced us to make a lot of changes in our lives. Cloud computing played a huge role in this situation we’re still in, whether it is related to medical sciences, educational institutes, entertainment, industry, small/home-based companies to multinational corporations, all these firms and businesses even the government opted for cloud and cloud-based solutions not only for the resource it offers but the high availability, durability, ease of use, close to zero downtime, access from anywhere from any device, manageability and much more, which were not possible in this situation and both technical and non-technical personnel had to work to provide services that cloud could provide with ever leaving their homes or even beds.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) used cloud services from Alibaba Cloud to implement their most critical system for this year’s Olympic Winter Games. The systems they’ve migrated are Games Management Systems (GMS), Olympics Management Systems (OMS), and Olympics Distribution Systems (ODS).

The IOC also planning to migrate more systems and use Alibaba Cloud services, further reducing the Capex and Opex on IT infrastructure both hardware and software, and lastly the overall management. With the cloud’s capability to analyze real-time intelligence, the planning and management for Beijing 2022 was further improved for a much better and more seamless end-user experience

Taking advantage of the clouds and its availability, scalability, durability, reliability, low cost, and security features, organizers like International Olympic Committee IOC can and have reduced the complexity, long man-hours, burden, and anxiety of the events and game planning based on intelligence-driven approach; opting for the sweet spot; the equilibrium between optimizing the existing resources they had and creating new ones.

Alibaba also introduced a few new services and features that could fit perfectly for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, that is Cloud ME, a cloud-powered realistic projection that facilitates remote social interactions. In addition to this, Alibaba unveiled Dong Dong, a 22-year-old virtual influencer, it was created to interact with fans globally, sharing fun and informative Olympic-related facts. Speaking in a natural-sounding human voice, she can convey a range of emotions as well. The fun doesn’t stop here, to deliver the best Olympics content globally, Alibaba’s cloud also powers the Olympic Channel Services, which brings the best quality programs to global fans to engage with the Olympic Movement anytime, anywhere, and on any deviceCLOUD

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