How to Join the Alibaba Cloud for Students Program

Abstract: The article describes how to join the Alibaba Cloud for Students program.

Alibaba Cloud for Students Program

Are you a university or a college student aspiring to become a professional in the cloud computing space? Alibaba Cloud has a global initiative that provides the students with exclusive access to courses, certifications, and selected cloud servers – free for a year. The offering is focused on students’ development.

Features included:

  • 1 ECS instance in a selected region, free to use for a year
  • Free Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership for a year
  • Free Access to Cooperative Education (AliCE) Courses
  • Access to selected Tianchi Competitions
  • Become one of the community influencers and unlock cloud credits after getting any certification from Alibaba Cloud Academy.
  • Join the Alibaba global cloud student community
  • If your academic institution is one among the AAEP member Institutions, you get an additional ACA certification for free.

How do I join the Alibaba Cloud for Students Program?

The following steps demonstrate the steps to create a free Alibaba Cloud Account (No Credit Card required) and verify your student status.

Note: If you already have an Alibaba Cloud account, you can directly go to step 6.

  • Step 2: Choose *Individual Account* and click *Next*:
  • Step 3: Enter your email address, a password for your account and click *Sign Up*:
  • Step 4: The entered email account is verified by keying in the verification code received via the entered email. Read through the agreement and privacy policies and proceed to the next step by clicking on *Sign Up*:
  • Step 5: This marks the successful creation of the account. However, the following page shows that the payment information must be required, which can be ignored:
  • Step 7: Enter your details as shown below and proceed to the next step by clicking *Submit*:
  • Step 8: Upon submission, on the next page, you can enter the academic details in the text boxes and from the drop-down. If your current institution and region are supported, they will get listed and you can choose them from the menu items. Make sure that you provide information relevant to your academic institution and acknowledge that the information is made available to SheerID to authenticate for verification purposes:
  • Step 9: By pressing the *Submit* button, a new tab will be opened connecting to your institution’s Single Sign-On page (SSO) and proceed by logging in as shown below:
  • Step 10: Upon successful login, this window closes and on the account creation page, click on *Yes* to confirm that you have successfully signed in:

Note: If your verification is unsuccessful or if your institution doesn’t have an SSO linked to SheerID, you can verify by location to the URL ( and uploading relevant documents as requested in the screenshot below:

It will take some time to verify the documents and upon successful verification, you will get access to the Alibaba Cloud for Students Program.

Enjoy your free ECS instance for a year with exclusive access to courses, membership, and competitions.

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