How to book a Tencent Cloud certification exam

I’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to book a Tencent Cloud certification exam since many of you are asking me about the process. The exam is organized by Kryterion, one of the biggest third-party exam centers around the world.

Step by step guide

Follow the next steps to book a Tencent Cloud certification exam:

1. Sign up directly on Kryterion through this link:

2. Click on Create New Account.

Note: If you already have an account at Kryterion, skip steps 2 & 3, and continue with step 5.

3. Enter all your personal information and click Save.

4. Once you are registered, you will get an email confirming that your account at Kryterion was created.

5. Is time now to log into your newly created account using your credentials.

6. Once logged in, you are in Kryterion’s portal. Here you can edit your profile, change your password, see your assessments, your receipts, and more.

7. Let’s book now your Tencent Cloud certification exam. Click on Register for an Exam.

8. Choose the Tencent Cloud certification exam you want to take and click Buy Now.

9. Choose the Date and the Start Time.

10. Agree on the terms and rules and click Select.

11. Review the information and click on Check Out to book your exam.

Once you booked your exam, Kryterion will display all your exam information:

You will get as well an email confirming your booking and providing all details on the exam registration.

Technical Requirements for Your Exam

Before you can launch your exam, you must first complete some technical requirements.

Install Sentinel

1. Log into your Kryterion account through this link:

2. Once logged in, click on My Assessments and then on Install Sentinel.

3. Download and install Sentinel on your computer.

Set up Your Biometric Profile

1. Log into your Kryterion account through this link:, click on My Assesments, and then on Enroll in Biometrics.

2. Follow the following guideline to set up your Biometric Profile:

Wrapping Up

I hope with this guide you can book your Tencent Cloud certification exam easily.

In case you have any difficulties let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to support you. You can also check Kryterion’s FAQs.

Good luck with the exam!

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