Getting a Chinese ICP License

Why you need a Chinese ICP License?

Holding an ICP License in China is a must. For any business with Chinese connections is paramount. In today’s world, speed is an important factor for business success and especially for online websites. Fast load speed of your website and quick requests provides users an optimal experience. On top of that, also enhances SEO rankings and prevents users from exiting your website due to poor response time.

Obtaining an ICP registration can help unlock the Chinese market for foreign companies. Although it adds an extra level of administrative complexity, it is certainly a worthwhile investment if you are focusing on long-term online success in China. An ICP license is a mandatory certification to start any Virtual Machine or setup a Database in a Chinese datacenter. In other words, you need an ICP license to create ANY resource within China.  Let us help you with the Application.

How to get ICP License in China

ICP stands for Internet Content Provider. An ICP license in China is a registration number that allows a website to operate on a Chinese hosting server. You can test if a website has a Chinese ICP license by checking the website footer. ICP licenses for China are issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and are divided into two certification categories, “ICP Filing” and “ICP Commercial License“. Check with us which one suits you better.

Why do you need our help?

We understand, it’s a big decision. Why should you need our help on this? Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud and prior experience setting other clients for success will give you peace of mind. Getting into a legal process like this in China for someone without experience is a haunting process.

We are globally recognised professionals, let us give you peace of mind. Contact us to know more.

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