Differences between AWS global and AWS China

In this blog post we will explain the main differences between AWS global and AWS China.

Introduction to AWS Global

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the subsidiary of Amazon.com which is considered to be the world’s most comprehensive and largely implemented platform which assistances millions of customers around the globe. Basically, it’s a global cloud platform that allows you to host many services and is used by many companies. The majority of the customers are registered and trust their infrastructure and applications which provide a lot of services to its customers. Organizations of every type and size are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.  AWS provides on-demand delivery of technology services through the internet with pay as you go pricing. You can use these services to build and run virtually any type of application without upfront costs or ongoing commitments, you only pay for what you use. AWS is considered to be a hosting provider that gives you more services and more features where you can easily operate your application on the cloud. This makes it faster and easier for the customers so that everyone wants to use and put their applications on this particular platform. Due to its infrastructure technologies, storage, and databases, AWS became the top cloud service provider in the world for the customers.

Introduction to AWS China

While on the other hand, AWS China is a completely separate entity from all other AWS regions. Basically, AWS China comprises of two AWS regions, Beijing and Ningxia, with five availability zones in total. Beijing operated by Sinnet and Ningxia operated by NWCD. AWS has collaborations with those Chinese companies according to the law of China’s regulatory and legal requirements. AWS China has completely separated regions from the global regions. After the United States, China is the second country in the world to host more than one region with various availability zones. The most interesting thing is that the infrastructure within China is designed to the same specification and high availability as AWS global. AWS China has its own regulatory framework to operate the cloud environment.

Differences between AWS and AWS China

1. Services

When it comes to the size and amount of the services in AWS China is comparatively smaller than AWS global regions.
Here a list of all available services: www.amazonaws.cn/en/about-aws/regional-product-services/

2. Domain, Support, Tickets & Billing

AWS China has its own domain (www.amazonaws.cn), AWS support, ticketing system & billing dashboard. AWS China accounts are completely separate from global accounts in all aspects.

3. Connection between AWS and AWS China

There is no direct connection between AWS global and AWS China. So we can say that AWS China has no direct access and connectivity with other AWS regions outside of China. There is no common link between AWS China and AWS global so there are separate links that are available to get the inquiry or any information regarding AWS China regions and AWS global.

4. AWS China Accounts

Due to the separate infrastructures, the user accounts of AWS China are completely different from AWS global. In order to apply for an account, you need a Chinese legal entity and ICP license. A valid Chinese business license issued by the bureau of industry and commerce and the physical presence of the client is mandatory to get AWS lances as well as any cloud hosting service within China. Customers who want to use all the resources available on both AWS China regions are required to create an AWS China account. And only the AWS China’s account holders will be able to use resources of the concerned AWS regions within China. While on the other hand all those customers who want to use resources outside of China such as AWS global are required to own AWS global account by fulfilling the respective account procedure of AWS global.

5. ICP License

Likewise, Chinese accounts are totally separate from global accounts in all aspects. AWS does not have access to the AWS china accounts and the prices are not shown on the AWS cost calculator and the accounts of both AWS China and AWS are not combine.  The registration process is quite different, in AWS China you need a legal entity registered for the account opening while in AWS global no such procedure. For the purpose of registration, ICP (Internet Content Provider) tactfully watch the registration procedure. In China to publish or to upload documents or any type of content on the internet, you need to have an ICP license by providing some necessary information about the owner of the website, domain name, IP address, content, and security contact person to protect customers. All these measures are to be taken to protect the customers from the violation. There are a complete check and balance in order to publish a website and other related documents.

6. Marketplace

AWS China has its own marketplace (https://awsmarketplace.amazonaws.cn/). AWS China’s marketplace is completely separate from global marketplace. 

7. Endpoints and ARNs

You can find all information regarding the AWS endpoints and ARNs in China in a separate blog post.

8. Root user or root credential

In the AWS China region, there is no concept of “root” or “account” user or credentials. All users are IAM users, including the user who created the account.

Wrapping up

China has become an important market for business, as the rise of the technologies, internet, and other inventions allowed more and more customers to begin online businesses. AWS has created technologies with Chinese companies to strengthen customers in China as well as around the globe. AWS China is quite different from AWS global since AWS China has its own domain, AWS support, procedures for applying account, billing, and support. Despite of having the same platform, AWS China seems completely separate from AWS global.

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