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People are now technologically so advanced and innovative, new groundbreaking ideas have brought visible changes in every sector, and lifestyle is getting smarter in every single minute. However, behind all these innovative ideas and surprises there are many cloud services working on. Tencent Cloud is one of them and has become a leading cloud service provider and the world’s largest video game vendor.

Tencent Cloud is the subsidiary of Tencent which is considered to be one of the world’s biggest technological companies, owning one of the largest web portals in the world,, and the largest social media worldwide, WeChat. Tencent Cloud is focused on developing cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for accelerating enterprise digital transformation and for building intelligent industries.

Leveraging Tencent’s 20 years of experience in cutting-edge Internet technologies and services and its robust global data center infrastructure, Tencent Cloud provides industry-leading cloud services covering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and is a one-stop service provider for enterprises seeking to adopt public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud. Combing advanced AI capabilities, big-data analytics, security, and location-based services (LBS), Tencent Cloud provides customized solutions for online games, finance, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, transportation, and other industries, with its vision to connect businesses to a smart future. 

Expansion outside of China

Tencent Cloud has made its way outside of China and started its services in Japan. Indeed, global security compliance is imperative to create a secure and trustworthy environment for customers in various geographical regions. Specifically, Tencent Cloud has been certified by third-party recognizing agencies (ISO 27001, CSA STAR, ISO 20000, ISO22301, and ISO9001) to provide the cloud services to meet an international standard and to manage information security and IT management. This particular cloud aimed to achieve groundbreaking success with fivefold growth in revenue and in this particular context, Japan’s markets are being considered as a key market. It has a very good contribution to Chinese business with 11% market shares.

As Tencent Cloud publicly announced, Tencent Cloud was placed as a Niche Player in the global cloud infrastructure and platform services market.

Global IT research and advisory company Gartner reported that Tencent Cloud grew at a 111% rate in 2019, placing it as the world’s 5th largest in the Infrastructure as a Service market and 4th largest in the Asia/Pacific region. (Source: Gartner, Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2019, Dean Blackmore et al., 13 April 2020).

Additionally, based on the IDC China Public Cloud Service Tracker report of 2019 Q3, Tencent Cloud is the second largest cloud service provider in China.

Global Infrastructure

Tencent Cloud International operates 58 availability zones spread across 27 regions globally. However, the number of regions for greater node coverage.

Additionally, Tencent Cloud CDN has 1,100+ cache nodes across Mainland China deployed with multiple ISPs, as well as 1,000+ cache nodes outside Mainland China in 30+ countries and regions. Content is distributed to acceleration nodes across the network and the Tencent Cloud global scheduling system accurately routes user requests to the nearest optimal node, effectively reducing access latency.

Tencent Cloud provides 70+ product capabilities including computing, database, and networking, satisfying all your business needs. However, not all products are available in all regions. You can check that on this page.

Gaming Industry

Tencent Cloud is a tempting solution to gaming companies, it has a vast collection network in the world. Huya and Douyu are the Chinese top game live streaming companies and both are supported by Tencent Cloud. However, there are many other short video apps like Kuaishou supported by Tencent Cloud inside as well as outside China. Other gaming companies that are using the cloud services of Tencent Cloud are Supercell, Garena, Nexon, Shiro Games, PUBG MOBILE, etc.

Tencent Cloud has unique features for smooth communication between team players which include 3D voice positioning, voice messaging, multi-player voice chat, and speech to text recognition. Tencent Cloud provides its cloud infrastructure services in 25 countries with 1 million services around the world.

This particular cloud contributes not only the gaming companies but also to e-commerce, video streaming, and mobile enterprises. You can read more about customer success stories.


Tencent Cloud started its services only for internal products and later unlocked them to the public in order to strengthen customers with their services. Tencent Cloud has built a comprehensive personal management system to take technical measures in order to protect the personal information of the customer. For example; ISO 27701 provides guidelines for founding, upholding, and improving the secrecy information system which is applicable to all organizations such as private, public, government, and non-profit organizations. ISO27018, on the other hand, is another international certification for the protection of information on the cloud. In addition, CISPE certification is also important for the protection of personal data which is certified by the code of conduct of the cloud infrastructure services providers in Europe. Consequently, Tencent Cloud has become the first CISPE certification holder in China. The key role of these security agencies is to reduce the risk of mismanagement of customers’ data. Thus, these certifications made it distinguish from other clouds.

Tencent Cloud aims to satisfy and fulfill the business needs of enterprises around the world. Tencent Cloud complies with the government and industry regulations around the world and it aimed to offer reliable and secure services for the clients in various sectors. Countries and regions where Tencent Cloud provides products and services make sure the compliance with the local information security standards.

You can find all compliance requirements listed on this page.

Customer Support Services

Tencent Cloud has introduced marvelous support to meet the needs of the customers. You can read more about the support plans. Provides dedicated support services and technical staff to ensure convenient and effective support to the customers at all sizes of enterprises. It also provides a platform and multiple channels for the customers to extend their services and businesses. However, it offers an exceptional amalgamation of tools and expertise to assist your business, products, and services. You can read more about the support plans.

Partner Ecosystem Program

Whether you own a small or big enterprise you can benefit greatly from partners to get a business point of efficiency and support. Tencent Cloud has many partners such as Reseller Partner, Development Partner, Service Partner, and Consulting Partner to develop best practices and services to customers. Roopu Cloud is an official consulting partner.

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