Cloud Pricing Basics

One of the fundamental things to consider when either purchasing or evaluating a service or tool or it could be a new car is the price and operational cost, maintenance, and support. It is always better to have at least a high-level understanding before any kind of investment but it doesn’t mean this basic knowledge is enough but it can act as a stepping stone.

Similarly, a lot of people including highly technical professionals have this perception about cloud being very expensive and it can cost more than having on-premise infrastructure. One of the key concerns or reasons is; there are so many services and features without any limitation which they don’t require. This very perception has caused a lot of organizations loads of money; in a slightly more fancy way it is known as “CAPEX” (do keep this in mind we are just talking about this perception and not industry standards or business requirements or any other compliance-related stuff, which of course cloud can cater as well). On the other hand, PAYG is also known as Pay & Go, Pay Per Usage, Pay Per Use or Pay-As-You-Use is one of the key principles and foundational pillars on which the cloud is based. It is even in the very definition of cloud that services offered by a cloud should be “On-Demand” or cloud itself is an “On-Demand”, in much easier words, based on utility model; you pay for what you use and how much you use.

Alibaba Cloud offers a lot of services and features that can cater to all kinds of businesses, from startups to multinationals, from health care to education, from governments to private companies, and from individuals or hobbyists to militaries. Now that we know who is using the cloud, let’s get back to the money, how they are billed and how much you can save if you choose to use cloud services. Alibaba Cloud offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to billing and pricing and you can save up to 90% with some services, no it’s not one of that very specific services that only a few organizations use, it’s the Compute service.

Alibaba Cloud Billing Options

  • Pay-As-You-Go
    • On-Demand
  • Subscription Billing
    • Pay even less for your daily consumption by reserving in advance and save up to 90%
  • Resource Packages
    • Make your own bundle, just like your cellphone carrier or even easier when you order food from your favorite restaurant
      • 5 extra special servers, medium hot memory of 30 GB and 8 Cores, 2 cheesy DB instances with 3 extra read-only sides and a bucket of OSS

Alibaba Cloud easy billing doesn’t stop here, it also offers amazing payment plans

Alibaba Cloud Payment Plans and Options

  • Flexible Payment Policies
    • Policy that suits you and payments are collected when you subscribe for resources
  • Extended Grace Periods
    • Qualify for monthly extended grace periods
  • Bank Transfers
    • Enterprises and exclusive accounts can directly pay from the bank and Alibaba cloud covers any and all handling fees
  • Industry standards and other options
    • You can pay by using your bank cards and other online services

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