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Migrate Your Business to Cloud and Set It Up for Success

Roopu Cloud helps you migrate your business data and applications from on-premises to the cloud or from one cloud service to another. Our end-to-end cloud migration solutions cover all your cloud migration requirements and help you reduce costs, optimize resource utilization, and improve business outcomes. 

Our Cloud Migration Services

We offer business-specific cloud advisory services to our clients. Our cloud advisory services include:

  • Discovery and Analysis

    We analyze your current cloud infrastructure and discover the need for migration. Our cloud engineers work closely with your team to understand the challenges you’re facing and the goals you want to achieve.

  • Migration Execution

    As an end-to-end cloud migration services provider, Roopu Cloud helps you migrate your data and apps. Our team executes the cloud migration strategy using automated tools to ensure error-free migration and save time and resources. We ensure migration is quick, so you can resume your business as usual.

  • Support for Various Cloud Platforms

    Roopu Cloud is an industry leader in several cloud platforms, including Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. We specialize in all the leading cloud providers, and we allow you to migrate to a cloud platform of your choice in a hassle-free manner.

  • Migration Strategy and Planning

    We devise an intelligent cloud migration strategy to ensure a seamless shift from one cloud infrastructure to another. At Roopu Cloud, we plan the migration in a way that the transition is smooth, and your daily operations are not disrupted. We promise seamless transition and hassle-free migration.

  • Post-Migration Support and Maintenance

    We offer post-migration support and maintenance services to ensure a seamless migration process. If you face any issues with the new infrastructure, our support team resolves them to help you achieve business continuity. We also offer training solutions to help your team use the new infrastructure to its full potential.

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Our Expertise

Roopu Cloud provides innovation and leadership in the technology services industry

Public Cloud Services Provider

Alibaba Cloud

We are the global leaders in Alibaba Cloud Training and Consulting. Partners of Alibaba Cloud since 2019 we can help you work smarter, lower costs and innovate with agility due to our knowledge and expertise managing the platform. 

Public Cloud Services Provider

Tencent Cloud

We are the first worldwide Tencent Cloud Authorized Training Partners (ATP) and Consulting Partnerts. We are pioneers with Tencent Cloud. Solve any cloud challenges you have in Tencent Cloud.

Public Cloud Services Provider

AWS & AWS China

Get proactive support and always-on expertise on your AWS China environment so you can accelerate your landing in China.

Public Cloud Services Provider

Azure & Azure China

Enable Azure China faster to deliver greater applications in China and let your team focus on your business while we support you with the Azure platform in China.

Why Roopu Cloud?

Roopu Cloud is the preferred choice for enterprises for cloud migration. Here’s why you should choose us:


10+ years of experience in industry-leading cloud platforms and related technologies


A team of highly-skilled and qualified experts


Cost-effectiveness and technological competence


Trusted by clients in China and worldwide

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