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Roopu Cloud offers industry-leading cloud consulting and management services to help you accelerate cloud adoption and improve the bottom line. We are the global leaders in Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS China, and Azure China.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

Roopu Cloud is a fully managed cloud consulting services provider, offering global and China-specific cloud implementation, migration, and strategy services. We help enterprises across all industries leverage cloud technology to reduce IT costs, boost scalability, ensure business continuity, and increase revenue. Whether you want to implement new cloud infrastructure, migrate to a different infrastructure, or upgrade your cloud strategy, we have got you covered. 

Our Cloud Consulting and Management Services

Roopu Cloud offers a wide range of services to help businesses set up and manage their cloud infrastructure and align it with their business objectives. Here’s an overview of the services we offer.

  • Cloud Advisory and Strategy

    Roopu Cloud works closely with your strategic team to devise a robust cloud implementation strategy that aligns with your goals and improves your bottom line. Our cloud experts understand your short-term and long-term objectives and develop a strategy to help you achieve them. 

  • Cloud Migration

    Are you planning to migrate your business applications from on-premise to cloud or from one cloud infrastructure to another? Roopu Cloud helps you migrate your business applications in a hassle-free manner

  • Cloud Data and Analytics

    We implement reporting and data analytics components to your public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our analytics services focus on monitoring cloud performance and discovering valuable insights to improve decision-making

  • Cloud Implementation

    Implementing and scaling cloud infrastructure can be challenging, but not anymore. Our cloud implementation services help you deploy robust and efficient cloud infrastructure that fulfills your business requirements. 

  • Cloud Cost and Resource Management

    Monitoring your cloud spending is essential to keep your operational expenses in check. Our cloud cost and resource management services help you optimize your cloud costs and cloud resource utilization

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Our Expertise

Roopu Cloud provides innovation and leadership in the technology services industry

Public Cloud Services Provider

Alibaba Cloud

We are the global leaders in Alibaba Cloud Training and Consulting. Partners of Alibaba Cloud since 2019 we can help you work smarter, lower costs and innovate with agility due to our knowledge and expertise managing the platform. 

Public Cloud Services Provider

Tencent Cloud

We are the first worldwide Tencent Cloud Authorized Training Partners (ATP) and Consulting Partnerts. We are pioneers with Tencent Cloud. Solve any cloud challenges you have in Tencent Cloud.

Public Cloud Services Provider

AWS & AWS China

Get proactive support and always-on expertise on your AWS China environment so you can accelerate your landing in China.

Public Cloud Services Provider

Azure & Azure China

Enable Azure China faster to deliver greater applications in China and let your team focus on your business while we support you with the Azure platform in China.

Why Roopu Cloud?


10+ years of experience in industry-leading cloud platforms and related technologies


A team of highly-skilled and qualified experts


Cost-effectiveness and technological competence


Trusted by clients in China and worldwide

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