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China Gateway Solutions

We provide a full set of customised solutions that helps when approaching the most common issues when entering China. We work very close with the biggest cloud services provider in China such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS China and Microsoft Azure China.

Access Salesforce from China

Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce announced in 2019 their strategic partnership. Alibaba Cloud became the exclusive provider of the Salesforce CRM in China, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Platform. 

Accelerate Microsoft O365

For enterprises with global Microsoft Office 365 tenants and a corporate presence in China, Microsoft O365 client performance for China-based users can be complicated by factors unique to China Telco’s Internet architecture. We have developed a custom solution to accelerate the network infrastructure and optimize the Microsoft O365 service performance in China.

Cloud Martketplaces in China

We help you to deploy your SaaS applications in the different cloud marketplaces in China, including AWS China, Microsoft Azure China. Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud. In order to be able to publish your your products and start selling your software in China you must meet some requirements as well as some limitations and restrictions you should know previously.

Ready to start your cloud journey to China?

Get your Chinese ICP license

Obtaining an ICP registration can help unlock the Chinese market for foreign companies. Although it adds an extra level of administrative complexity, it is certainly a worthwhile investment if you are focusing on long-term online success in China. An ICP license is a mandatory certification to start any Virtual Machine or set up a Database in a Chinese data center. In other words, you need an ICP license to create ANY resource within China. 

We have created a FREE course that covers everything you need to know related to ICP (Internet Content Provider).


ICP stands for Internet Content Provider.

An ICP license in China is a registration number that allows a website to operate on a Chinese hosting server.

You can check it at the website footer.

The ICP licenses for China are issues by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

There are two different certification categories, “ICP Filing” and “ICP Commercial License”.

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