China Gateway Solutions

Enable your business success with our China Gateway Solutions

  • Cloud Accounts in China

    Get your cloud accounts with AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud

  • Cloud Hosting in China

    Setup your Chinese cloud infrastructure and host your fast loading website

  • Cloud Marketplace in China

    Publish your product in your preferred cloud marketplace in China

  • Mobile Apps in China

    Understand the Chinese mobile app market and publish your mobile apps

  • ICP License

    Get your required Chinese ICP license and PSB filing

  • Salesforce in China

    Access your Salesforce CRM from China and accelerate the performance

  • IT Compliance in China

    Legal setup and comply with Chinese regulations and laws

  • Accelerating SaaS/O365

    Accelerate your SaaS solutions or O365 for your Chinese users

What Our Customers Say About Us

As a company in Europe with a small office in China and no local IT staff there, it was very difficult to get in contact with Azure China. I tried several times to get in contact through the official web portal for new customers but never received an answer. I even e-mailed the main contact e-mail address listed on the official web page of the hosting company that is behind Azure in China, but also here I never received any answer. After contacting Roopu Cloud, Pablo put me in direct contact with the right person within the Azure China team enabling us to quickly create an Azure China account and helping us with the identity verification needed to create a new Azure tenant.

Peter Almer Frederiksen

Senior IT Specialist

Our Customers

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