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SMS Group reduced dramatically the time to market in China

SMS digital GmbH is a Germany-based leading digital solution provider in the metals industry. The digital unit of the SMS Group GmbH, the market-leading provider of metallurgical plants and machinery, creates innovative solutions in the fields of digitalization.


Alibaba Cloud


Cloud Migration



The Challenge

SMS Group needed to implement a scalable, highly available, and cost-efficient cloud application in China using the Alibaba Cloud platform. For that, SMS Group required a solution to set up a secure, compliant, centralized billing and multi-account Alibaba Cloud environment. In addition, as SMS Group organization expands its use cases of Alibaba Cloud services, they required a solution to create new accounts automatically in a scalable and efficient manner.

The Solution

Roopu Cloud set up a Landing Zone in China, creating multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts to ensure separation of business processes. This met SMS Group’s needs, producing a production-ready environment. The cloud application was deployed using a Kubernetes cluster in China, meeting all SMS Group’s requirements for security, availability, scalability, and cost-efficiency. In addition, an automation process was implemented to manage the account creation and bootstrapping in an easy and fast way, so that new accounts are created with defined baselines and governance in place.


By working together, the SMS Group dramatically reduced the time to market in China, with a 4-week project delivery timeline, empowering them to reinvest their time on core business development. The team’s shift to DevSecOps and automation accelerated the process development lifecycle and the delivery of SMS Group’s products.  

Our collaboration continues as SMS Group’s trusted advisor, providing continuous support, fostering guidance, and levering our internal skills to advance their mission. 

Technologies used

Some of the tools and technologies used during the project are: Terraform, Jenkins, Github, and Kubernetes.

Alibaba Cloud services and products used during the project are: ActionTrail, Cloud Config, Resource Directory, Security Center, Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Log Service, CloudMonitor, Resource Access Management (RAM), SSO, and Object Storage Service (OSS).

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Customer Feedback

Time delivery, code quality, and development efficiency were key factors in this project. We would recommend working with Roopu Cloud to any organization that needs help with Alibaba Cloud. The team was easy to engage with and we were really happy with their depth of knowledge and competence with Amazon Web Services. They took the time to understand our business objectives and were able to match them with bespoke technical solutions.

Lead of Digital Architecture & Infrastructure at SMS Digital

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