AWS China Landing Zone

This article will be about the “AWS China Landing Zone”. Many customers ask us about this quite often and we thought it was a good idea to write a bit more about it and show potential customers how it can help both individuals and companies to achieve success by starting off on the AWS China provider.

AWS China Landing Zone



While working with our customers from different industries in multiple projects we detect some common challenges. Some, related to legacy services and old architectures which difficults their cloud migrations, other challenges related to China, IPC licenses, and the Great Firewall, other related to connectivity and security issues within their hybrid or multi-cloud ecosystems, as well as automation and agility, two very trendy words nowadays.

AWS China Landing Zone solution

We have developed a product over time based on our experience, customer feedback, and best practices following a methodology and an implementation process.

We focus on your infrastructure while you can focus on your product. 

What does this exactly mean? The AWS China Landing Zone is a complete set of solutions to quickly set up your infrastructure with a production-ready account so you. This includes the account structure, the networking basics, Identity and Access Management, Compliance and Security services, monitoring and logging as well as auditing services. 

Our famous 3-step implementation

The best compliments we receive about our implementation are around the speed and its flexibility. In a fully-modular fashion, we offer a 1-to-3-step implementation program, where 3 important things are made: Assessment, Landing Zone & Migration.

– Assessment

This is done at the very beginning of the journey to the cloud. This step usually highlights our customer needs and helps us in designing a safe and scalable environment for you. This is very similar to the consulting stage.

– Landing Zone

This is where basic resources related to command and security are created to ensure a smooth transition. Here we make sure we don’t miss important details and no retrofits are needed afterwards. A superb underlying support guarantees good future implementation.

– Migration

This is where the magic usually happens! We guide you in making your product work on the AWS China platform. As a fully-modular offering, this step is not always necessary but clients usually want it. All the data migration, database creation, DevOps setup, and developers’ training happens here. After this, your product will be ready to rock.

aws china foundations process

Do you love automation? Sure you do, and Roopu Cloud too. We value that way of thinking as well as your time, that is why we leverage the best technologies to achieve this task. Ever heard of “Infrastructure as code”? It lets you manage your infrastructure with very simple-to-write config files. Tools like Terraform even expose a high-level configuration syntax. This allows a blueprint of your cloud account to be versioned and treated as you would any other code. Creating a new environment many times is as easy as copy-pasting a file!

What are the benefits?

You are now probably thinking about all the benefits this will bring to your organization and why you didn’t hear about this before, right? Yes, you are completely right. The AWS China Landing Zone offers a lot of benefits and will definitely help to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation and innovation since remember, that we focus on your infrastructure while you can focus on your product.

The main benefits are the following:

  • Reduce time to market dramatically, since we already invested a lot of time developing the solution.
  • Shift to DevOps and automation to accelerate the development and the delivery of your products. 
  • Increase scalability with our turnkey solutions to efficiently scale resources up and down, reducing costs and improving the performance for your customers. 
  • Optimize your costs and consolidate your billing for multiple AWS China accounts and gain visibility of your accounts, costs, and payments.

aws china foundations benefits



We hope this article helped in solving all your questions about our most popular service. We will answer below the most common questions we receive from our visitors.

– What does a customer get out of this?

Think about what a server room used to need in the old days, from the building, racks, networking, wiring, security devices… But instead of waiting months to have one up and running, you have it within hours. You get connectivity, logs management, alerting, and all needed moving parts that will move your product. Exactly, just like a house needs good foundations, your product too.

– Why should I choose Roopu Cloud over other competitors?

Unless other companies, we take the partnership with AWS China to another level. We were early adopters and actively contributed to the community for years. 

– How you guarantee full adoption?

That is a fair question as, after all, customers hire us to help them make the most of AWS China. Before every engagement, we set clear goals around what the client needs and make the whole process one where both parties collaborate to meet said goals. In a way, we really love checklists.

About Roopu Cloud

If you have any questions or concerns about AWS China, you can contact us. We are experts in building and implementing cloud solutions in the AWS China platform as well as in other Chinese cloud platforms. Let us help you!

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