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How We Deliver Our Trainings

Enable your teams on Alibaba Cloud with quality training produced at the source and delivered by our top-notch instructors

  • Instructor-Led Virtual Training

    Combine the benefits of instructor-led training effectively with the convenience of a virtual, online, classroom

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training

    Get instructor-led training with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs right in your organization's facility

  • Custom Training

    Meet your organization's specific business needs with one-of-a-kind training content and objectives reaching your learning goals

  • Self-Paced Training

    Learn in your own time and schedule. Combine the elements of classroom lectures and hands-on application of technology wherever you are

Alibaba Cloud Training Courses

Learn and practice Alibaba Cloud products and solutions with professional instructors


Alibaba Cloud Technical Essentials


Alibaba Cloud Basic Products


Alibaba Cloud DevOps Products


Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions


Alibaba Cloud Advanced Products


Alibaba Cloud Network Solutions


Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions


Alibaba Cloud Big Data Architecture


Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute & DataWorks Deep Dive


Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce


Alibaba Cloud RealTime Compute


Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning and AI


Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions


Alibaba Cloud Container Service Technical Essentials


Alibaba Cloud Container Service Best Practice


Go China with Alibaba Cloud


Solution Architecting on Alibaba Cloud


IT Governance on Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Bootcamps

Our 3-day bootcamps offer you a chance to learn about Alibaba Cloud products and solutions through immersive exercises and hands-on labs


Cloud Fundamental Products Migration

Through multiple hands-on experiments, learn more about server migration, database migration, storage migration and other related tools and usage scenarios


Public Cloud Automated O&M

Through hands-on experiments learn about monitoring Alibaba Cloud resources, best practices in implementing log service, implementing different cloud resources’ automatic lifecycle management.


Big Data Engineer Bootcamp

This bootcamp includes several hands-on exercises to help familiarize students with Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data platform. Learn how to create data warehouses using DataWorks and MaxCompute, and import data using Data Integration.


Big Data Analyst Bootcamp

This bootcamp teaches the skills required to analyze and visualize data on Alibaba Cloud using the major components of the Alibaba Cloud Big Data toolkit, including DataWorks, MaxCompute, DataV, and QuickBI.


Cloud Security Bootcamp

This bootcamp introduces all the solutions you should know about Cloud Security. We will start with Cloud Security overview, Security best practices, followed by hands-on experiments for application, data and infrastructure security.


Container Service Operation and Management

This bootcamp provides various hands-on exercises to help the participants to be ready with different typical container operation and configuration scenarios using Alibaba Cloud container service and container registry.


Oracle Database and Application Alibaba Cloud Migration

This bootcamp introduces the end-to-end Oracle to PolarDB migration methodology using Alibaba Cloud Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) and Alibaba Cloud DTS tools.

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What Our Partners Say About Us

RoopuCloud is a long-term partner of Alibaba Cloud Academy. Their lecturers have rich industry experience in Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity, and they have participated in the Alibaba Cloud TTT program to provide high-quality training delivery services. They received positive feedback from Alibaba Cloud customers/partners.

Yan Zhang

Solution Architect @ Alibaba Cloud

Roopu Cloud is a knowledgeable and experienced Alibaba Cloud partner who has delivered our core curriculum to beginners and experts alike. We never hesitate to schedule training delivery when Roopu Cloud is involved!


Jeremy Pedersen

Global Technical Instructor @ Alibaba Cloud

I would highly recommend Roopu Cloud to deliver Alibaba Cloud training courses. They can explain complex technical topics with ease to technical and non-technical audience, and they are willing to answer students' questions to help them further understand the topics.

Yangyi Cui

Training Operation Manager @ Alibaba Cloud

Why Roopu Cloud?

If you’re looking for industry-leading cloud training programs to boost your technical knowledge, business acumen, and industry outlook, our VILT program has got you covered.


10+ years of experience in industry-leading cloud platforms and related technologies


A team of highly-skilled and qualified experts


Cost-effectiveness and technological competence


Trusted by clients in China and worldwide

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