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With the passage of time, new tricks have been introduced in the markets in different geographical locations. Basically, Alibaba Cloud is China’s most adopted public cloud platform that helps tons of customers. In the worldwide business, China has a great significance in various fields. China’s Market is basically burgeoning. New and growing businesses in China want to know how they can improve their efficiency in business. Alibaba Cloud was born and raised in China. Back in 2011, Alibaba Cloud first launched the Hangzhou region. Alibaba Cloud has now 10 regions with 42 availability zones. In Beijing and Hangzhou, there are 8 availability zones, in Shanghai, there are 7, in Shenzhen 5, in Zhangjiakou and Ulanqab 3, and in Qingdao, Hohhot, Heyuan, and Chengdu there are 2.

Leader Public Cloud provider in China

Based on the IDC China Public Cloud Service Tracker report of 2019 Q3, Alibaba Cloud is the largest cloud service provider in China with a 41,7% market share, followed by Tencent Cloud with a 12,1% market share, Huawei in the 4th position with 7,1% market share and AWS is the 5th largest cloud service provider with a 7.1% market share. However, these are the top cloud service providers, and they all control around 70% of the market in China.

Source: IDC China Public Cloud Service Tracker, 2019 Q3

China Infrastructure

As I already mentioned, in China there are 10 regions spread across 42 availability zones. The Alibaba Cloud China Gateway has a vital role to eliminate stratification, people however are in dire need to provide a platform to grow their business in China. Alibaba Cloud provides its best experience for customers and applications to customers inside China. Although there are 10 different regions, the data center in all of them has been designed in exactly the same manner that’s why they all have the same standard, quality, and design.

Challenges entering the Chinese Market

Entering China is not a simple undertaking due to the complexities of operating in this country. Organizations must rapidly integrate their online and offline capabilities, face increased data-driven competition, understand the unique nature of the Chinese market and align their global business strategy cross borders, and meet a broad range of evolving domestic laws and regulations.

Alibaba Cloud China Gateway

Alibaba Cloud China Gateway accelerates the success of many organizations when entering China. Alibaba Cloud China Gateway aims to provide a one-stop service to customers outside of China to leverage the Alibaba Cloud China regions. Thanks to the flexibility, availability, and scalability of the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and advanced technology innovations, organizations have a new portal to China, allowing them to rapidly leverage a range of products and services, expedite their time to market, and rapidly grow their business in China.

To boost your business on every emerging opportunity, your enterprise must keep pace with China’s rapid customer demands. Alibaba Cloud’s solutions can be realized with speed, helping you quickly turn your business ideas into a reality. To achieve this, Alibaba Cloud takes care of all your infrastructure and component requirements. Alibaba Cloud provides you with a full-value chain to help your business set-up and deploy swiftly in China.

Furthermore, it is crystal clear that every person around the globe needs a precise platform and opportunity to unfold his or her hidden and innovative talent in any field. It would not be wrong if we say Alibaba Cloud brought revolution among business communities on a very large scale. However, the Alibaba Cloud China Gateway offers startup opportunities and leads customers to the peak of success, this process does not only give chance to an individual to transform their business but it also provides an atmosphere for all business communities to interact socially through their innovative ideas in the business field. People having less knowledge and a lack of awareness may have misunderstandings to grow their businesses in China. Thus, this gap can be brought to an end through the best business-related experience or any step that can let people unlock innovation and success.

In case you need more insights about the solution, you can download here the official Alibaba Cloud China Gateway’s whitepaper.

China’s legal and regulatory requirements

As for as security and compliance are a concern, they are apprehension with ICP (internet content provider) for registration procedure because the company needs a complete ICP filing process which requires the customer to provide information about the owner of the website, domain name, IP address, content and security contact person to protect customers. So the customer is much more conscious to get rid of violations by publishing documents without the ICP process. So the customers don’t publish websites without completing the ICP process. These extra steps are taken to protect the customers from the violations of the regulations in China. It’s a necessary process to complete regardless of using Alibaba Cloud or hosting your own website or any other way.  Only a valid Chinese business license will give you access to the Alibaba Cloud account in China. Apart from that, there is an easy procedure of other applications to the Alibaba Cloud regions in China and the data can easily be copied into the Alibaba Cloud regions in China.

Wrapping up

In short, Alibaba Cloud is a very good choice to unblock the Chinese market from a technical and a business prospective. Alibaba Cloud is the largest cloud service provider in China and one of the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, used by millions of customers.

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