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What Is a Cloud Bootcamp?

Our cloud Bootcamp comprises short-term, intense training sessions to help you develop practical, industry-ready cloud computing skills. If you’re a beginner in cloud computing and want to transform yourself into a highly paid, in-demand cloud engineer, Roopu Cloud’s cloud Bootcamp is for you. You get the opportunity to become a cloud expert and explore a career full of opportunities. 

How Does a Cloud Bootcamp Work?

Becoming a fully-equipped cloud engineer can take years. You need to develop a comprehensive range of technology, business, and management skills to become a high-performance cloud engineer. Our cloud engineering Bootcamp compresses that learning curve and helps you become an expert cloud engineer in a few months. Our Bootcamps offer a blend of theoretical learning and practical skill development. Hence, you won’t only gain knowledge but also learn to apply it in real-life situations. 

Roopu Cloud organizes both in-person and online Bootcamps as per your requirements. If you want to join our cloud Bootcamp, get in touch with us to book the upcoming Bootcamp. 

What Do We Cover in a Cloud Bootcamp?

Our Bootcamp is a power-packed program with high-intensity, extensive learning and skill development sessions. We train you on every aspect of cloud computing, from its introduction and importance to deployment and security. Our Alibaba Cloud bootcamps include:

  • Cloud Fundamental Products Migration
  • Public Cloud Automated O&M
  • Big Data Engineer Bootcamp
  • Big Data Analyst Bootcamp
  • Cloud Security Bootcamp
  • MContainer Service Operation and Management
  • Oracle Database and Application Alibaba Cloud Migration

Our cloud Bootcamp curriculum is on-demand and personalized. If you want add-on training and courses for technical essentials, database migration, and more, we have got you covered. 

Why Choose Roopu Cloud for Cloud Bootcamp Training?

Roopu Cloud’s cloud computing Bootcamp is the industry standard for cloud training. Our Bootcamps cover a wide range of cloud technologies and help you become a certified cloud engineer. Here’s why our cloud Bootcamps are the right choice for you.

  • Official Alibaba Cloud training partner
  • Get real-time assistance from experienced professionals in the cloud industry
  • Gain a globally-recognized certification
  • Interact with instructors and mentors to expand your acumen
  • Explore networking opportunities
  • Get hands-on practical training
  • Become job-ready and get high-paying jobs in the tech industry

Your cloud expertise is one click away. 

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