Alibaba Cloud Backup Services

This article describes how to use Alibaba Cloud Backup Services to backup your infrastructure and data.

What Are Alibaba Cloud Backup Services?

It is always necessary to be able to ensure your business continuity whenever a problem occurs. Alibaba Cloud offers some services to ensure that you can back up your data properly anywhere at any time.

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR)

[Hybrid Backup Recovery]( is a fully-managed online backup service that allows you to back up data to the cloud in a convenient, efficient, and secure manner. You can use HBR to back up data to a cloud vault from Elastic Computing Service (ECS) instances, ECS databases, ECS files, Apsara File Storage NAS file systems, NAS clusters, Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, and self-managed data centers that store files, databases, virtual machines (VMs), and large scale NAS file systems. You can also implement disaster recovery and archive data based on the archive policies that you configure for the preceding resources.

You can use HBR for the following scenarios:

  • Back up data to the cloud
  • Back up on-premises data to the cloud to a backup vault on the cloud.
  • Backup and disaster recovery of ECS instances across regions using high-performance and mirror vaults
  • Migrate VMware VMs to the cloud by performing incremental migration with ease
  • Archive files from on-premises NAS file systems to the cloud

HBR offers some advantages:

  • It can identify and delete duplicate data with high accuracy and efficiency
  • Automatic backup and monitoring are supported
  • Provides a user-friendly GUI as you can view the list of backup plans, disaster recovery records, and recovery points
  • Immutable backup feature to improve the security management of your data backup. This ensures the protection of your data against unexpected operations, malicious attacks, and unauthorized backup or restoration
  • You can assign different permission levels to operators with RAM system, reducing the number of backup access paths

Object Storage Service (OSS)

Object Storage Service or OSS is a distributed service that enables you to store, back up, and archive any amount of non-structured data such as images, videos, documents in the cloud by providing industry-leading scalability, durability, and performance. You can use it for different purposes such as:

  • Content Distribution if you would like to build an E-commerce platform, Social media, Video on demand, and app store
  • Backup and Restore as it’s scalable and durable
  • Archive offering retrieval time within one minute
  • Online Drive using transfer acceleration and media processing
  • Data Lake Storage in case of IoT data, On-premise data, and cloud data
  • Static Website Hosting as you can host it in an OSS bucket and use the endpoint of the bucket to access the website

If offers some benefits that include:

  • Scalability
  • Industry-leading SLA of 99.99%
  • Enterprise-ready security and compliance
  • Easy data migration

Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service (DBS)

Database Backup Service provides continuous data protection and low-cost backup services for databases. You can also benefit strong protection for data stored in multiple environments, such as enterprise data centers and public clouds offered by third-party cloud vendors. It supports nearly 10 types of databases with popular ones such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. You can use it to:

  • Quickly backing up your data to the cloud
  • Securing your data through encryption by using SSL encryption during data transmission.
  • Real-time incremental backups with lower RPOs based on database logs
  • Back up and restore your data by using a DBS console, SDKs, and API operations

It offers some advantages such as

  • Cost-effectiveness with a Pay-As-You-Go billing method
  • Multiple environments, covering Alibaba Cloud scenarios
  • Low RPO and RTO as DBS uses the log parsing and synchronization technologies of databases
  • High performance with real-time backup, parallel backup, and restoration to a point in time


Many organizations need efficient backup services today because they store most or all of their business-critical data and applications on cloud servers. With Alibaba Cloud Backup Services, you can ensure safeguarding data and apps, rapid data recovery, and reliable disaster recovery

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