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As you may know, Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce announced in 2019 a very important strategic partnership. With this agreement, Alibaba Cloud became the exclusive provider of the Salesforce CRM in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Platform. 

You can find here the official announcements:

From a business perspective, it’s obvious that this partnership is a huge step forward for Alibaba Cloud. Obtaining the exclusivity of Salesforce in China, which is one of the leading CRM platforms worldwide, left aside its competitors and help them grow even bigger in China.

From a customer perspective, this partnership enables anyone to access both Global and Chinese versions of Salesforce from China, unlocking the best of both worlds. This, as you can imagine,  is essential for enterprises with a presence in China or planning to open the Chinese market.


Let’s evaluate now all possible scenarios and which solution to adopt.

Scenario 1:

Your organization or your team, based in China, want to access Salesforce and use it as your CRM platform in China. In this case, the only possibility is to go through Alibaba Cloud. As mentioned earlier, Alibaba Cloud is the exclusive provider of Salesforce in China. Our recommendation is to contact us and we will do our magic to make it happen on Alibaba Cloud. Otherwise, you can directly contact Alibaba Cloud explaining to them your current need. Alibaba Cloud will then provide you access to Salesforce.

Scenario 2:

Your organization or your team, based in China, want to access Salesforce global. For this particular situation, you will require a global network to interconnect the network resources of Alibaba Cloud around the world. Roopu Cloud can help you with this part, as we are experts on building these cross-border solutions as part of our China Gateway solutions catalog. Let’s get in touch and discuss the best way to cooperate.

We wrote a very detailed blog post about the Alibaba Cloud CEN (Cloud Enterprise Network), which is essentially a service built and designed for solving this kind of global connectivity issues. You can find it here.

Scenario 3:

Your organization or your team, based outside of China, want to access Salesforce in China. This is exactly the same case as the one described in scenario 2.

About Roopu Cloud

If you have any questions or concerns about Alibaba Cloud, you can contact us. We are experts in building and implementing cloud solutions in the Alibaba Cloud platform as well as in other Chinese cloud platforms. Let us help you!

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