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Expertise in Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud

Achieve success and business growth on your cloud journey. 


Empower your entire Team

Enable your team or entire enterprise to learn by doing and adopt the cloud. Roopu Cloud is the leader in Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud Training.

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Become Certified

Advance your career in the cloud, improve your skills in the Alibaba Cloud platform and get certified with our online courses.

China Gateway & ICP License

Success on your Journey to China

We walk with you on your journey to China and help you to unlock the Chinese Market.

China gateway ICP license

Ready to accelerate your journey to the cloud?

Roopu Cloud, An Award-Winning Company

Alberto Roura

» Co-Founder of Roopu Cloud

In 2019 Alberto was recognised by Alibaba Cloud as Global MVP (Most Valuable Professional) of the Year. All his collaborations with the community, experience implementing cloud solutions and dedication getting Alibaba Cloud certifications got as culmination the achievement of this amazing award.

I don’t have words to describe this achievement, it’s a great honour.

Alberto Roura

Curious about how to become an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

We walk you through the process of becoming Alibaba Cloud MVP and help you with easy and effective steps.

Cirrus Audit

Multicloud SaaS Tool

Keep your clouds under control

Cirrus Audit is a multi-cloud tool that helps to manage multiple cloud accounts with just one platform.

We help you achieve high cloud efficiency by abstracting away all the cloud APIs. You just focus on the actual usage.

Join engineers all over the world using Cirrus Audit. Don’t miss out on and regain control of your multi-cloud ecosystem. Save time and increase your productivity with Cirrus Audit.

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation and innovation

Turnkey solutions

Cloud Foundations

If you want to accelerate your digital transformation and innovation in the  cloud, we can help you to create the best strategy on adopting the cloud.  

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